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Welcome to Latitude

Latitude is a 5-story residential tower delivering a lifestyle inspired by modern luxury and conveniently adjacent to neighboring Downtown New Orleans and all its rich culture!

Latitude provides its residents with a wide selection of unique studio, one, two, or three-bedroom apartment homes, with the smallest unit starting at 847 sq ft, and features an exclusive amenity-rich experience, boasting a rooftop lounge, 3-story clubhouse, sparkling pool with private cabanas, covered parking, housekeeping and laundry packages, concierge, and endless visually stimulating amenities.

The city exudes a unique cross-cultural charm making it a favorite tourist spot and a proud home to many enjoying its arts, unique entertainment profile, and French-accented Southern grace. Surrounded by water—the lake to the north and the Mississippi River to the south—and papered with parks, entertainment venues, and historic businesses and eateries. There are a lot of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops frequented by locals and tourists alike.

Seize your opportunity to live in one of the premier apartment communities in Metairie, La. Picture coming home every day to the warm embrace of comfortable homes, hospitality-centered concierge service, and thoughtful amenities tailored to enhance your life.

Located at 3100 Lake Villa Drive in Metairie and conveniently accessible to I-10, Latitude is just minutes away from many major employers as well as shopping, dining, and local entertainment!

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Why Choose Us

At Latitude, we've redefined the essence of luxury living, where every detail reflects our commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability.
Here's why choosing us sets a new standard for excellence in apartment living.

Solid Foundations

Our apartments stand on solid concrete foundations and podiums, ensuring structural integrity and durability.

Steel Strength

Embrace the resilience of all-steel construction, offering better fire resistance, immunity to insect deterioration, and overall robustness.

Storm Preparedness

The apartments are intentionally designed with an elevated structure to prevent water intrusion and protect against flooding during storm events.

Emergency Readiness

Robustly constructed concrete block egress stairs to ensure a safe and reliable means of exit during emergencies.

Window and Door Resilience

Equipped with heavy gauge aluminum insulated windows and doors, designed to resist hurricanes.

Advanced Fire Protection

A commercial-grade sprinkler system, coupled with concrete block egress stairs, offers unparalleled safety and a clear path to safety in emergencies.

Eco-Friendly Systems

Our cutting-edge HVAC and hot water systems are not only energy-efficient but also accessible from the corridor, minimizing intrusions into your private space.

Energy-Efficient Systems

Our apartments are equipped with the latest in energy-efficient electrical systems and lighting, reflecting our dedication to environmental sustainability and reduced utility costs for our residents.

Enhanced Insulation

Our apartments features thicker exterior walls, which are specifically designed to provide greater insulation and ensure a more tranquil living environment for our residents.

Noise Reduction

Sound-absorbing mats are installed under the flooring, which significantly reduce noise levels for a noticeably quieter and more serene home environment.

Protected Parking

A covered parking area that is meticulously designed to protect vehicles from the environmental elements, ensuring that residents' cars remain in top condition.

Security Assured

Our parking facilities feature a secure gated entry and are well-illuminated with bright LED lighting, ensuring a safe and secure parking experience for all residents.

Modern Aesthetics

Enjoy our property's modern exterior aesthetics along with the ability to personalize their living space with a variety of custom interior design options.

Spacious Balconies

Large balconies meticulously crafted from solid steel and concrete, providing residents with both a stylish aesthetic and dependable sturdiness.

Ease of access

Three strategically placed elevators that significantly reduce walking distances from parking areas, thereby enhancing the overall convenience for our residents.

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No matter how old you are, you will always find something to occupy yourself. So choose from these things to do in Metairie.

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